About LonePine

lonepinerescueunderconstructionWhat is LONEPINE Rescue Inc.?

Established in 2009, LonePine Rescue is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose purpose is twofold: (1) to rescue abandoned and unwanted pets and place them in good, safe, and loving homes and (2) educate the public regarding responsible, humane animal care.

LonePine Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that relies solely on membership dues, donations and fundraising activities for its income.

LonePine Rescue will facilitate the re-homing and rescuing of dogs, cats, birds and other animals by putting in place and maintaining an administrative process and a network of volunteers to manage the following

  • receiving information that a dog, cat, bird or other animal needs to be re-homed or rescued
  • assessing that dog in its own home, or in other circumstances
  • providing transport and foster care for pets, as required
  • receiving offers of homes for pets, and assessing those potential homes
  • matching rescue/re-homing pets with the most appropriate new home.
  • providing any necessary veterinary support for pets in their care, including vet check, tick, flea, worm treatment and micro chipping as necessary before re-homing
  • and when necessary, providing ongoing veterinary support to facilitate the re-homing of elderly or infirm dogs, cats, birds or other animals

LonePine Rescue will encourage and support responsible ownership by providing information and education to owners by whatever legitimate means it considers appropriate. LonePine Rescue will support our activities by;

  • Developing and updating a website to promote our work, facilitate communication, and provide education,
  • Promoting and publicizing our activities through PetHealthCafe.com,
  • Fundraising,
  • Liaising with other like-minded animal welfare organizations, and any other organization where we believe that a co-operative approach will further our aims.

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